Bulletin 05-01-2020

God Said it First

It is truly amazing to realize how much impact the Bible has had on our language and the things we say. Whenever I hear someone “knowingly” expound on how uninspired and useless God’s written word is to people today I find their ignorance appalling. Why? Because of the sheer number of words and phrases that only exist in our English language because of God and His word! Recently a publication by members of the Lord’s church included a short article entitled, ‘Quoting the Bible and Didn’t Know It.’ Their point was that many words and phrases originate with the Bible and people commonly quote them without realizing where they come from. The fact is this list is just a ‘drop in the bucket’ (Isa.40:15) and it ought to cause God’s people to see ‘the handwriting on the wall’ (Dan.5). After all, there is ‘nothing new under the sun’ (Eccl.1:9) and we should all certainly be aware of the fact that without God, ‘woe is me’ (Isa.6:5)! Several years back a couple of language specialists wrote a book on the many words and phrases coined by Shakespeare that we still use today.

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