Bulletin – 12 April 2020

Bulletin – 12 April 2020

The Armour of God
Brent Kercheville
(Member of West Palm Beach, Church of Christ)

The life in Christ with our new identity, as a chosen people, cannot be
lived without a spiritual battle. This is the first takeaway we must
consider as we approach Paul’s instructions. We are in a spiritual
battle. It is an unavoidable battle when we find our identity in Christ.
Paul says that we need to be strengthened by God to be ready for this
battle. “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” You are
not to be strong in yourself and rely on the strength of your power. This
is important to hear: self-empowerment is of no value. We cannot
strengthen ourselves in our own might for this fight. God’s power is the
only power sufficient for this battle. God’s strength is the only might that
is strong enough and more than sufficient for the battle we are in.
We do not have the strength to win this battle. We need to hear
this and believe this. Too often we try to live as a Christian with this
new identity without relying on God’s power. The scriptures are clear
that apart from Christ we can do nothing (cf. John 15:5). Jesus also
said that the Spirit gives life and the flesh is of no help at all (cf. John
6:63). But we try to accomplish this battle with Satan by ourselves. We
must accept what God is telling us. We will fail if we rely on our own
power. God is not a supplement to our strength; he is our strength in
total! How do we rely on the power of God and depend on his strength
and not our own? Paul is going to explain how in this final section of his
letter to the Ephesians.


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