Bulletin – 23 August 2020

Bulletin – 23 August 2020

There’s a story about a preacher boy who was invited to
a dinner for the old-timers who had long graced the
local pulpits. Having been warned that the length of
their sermons and prayers were legendary, the young
preacher set in for a long day. It was during the rather
lengthy prayer of thanks for the food that he could no
longer contain himself. Seeing all the grey heads bowed
resolutely around the table, the young preacher quietly
took to his seat and began to devour the food set before
him. By the time the ‘Amen’ was said, he had consumed
all on his own plate, all on the plate to his right and was
halfway through the plate to his left. When sensing all
the horrified stares of his elders upon him, he looked up
and said, “Watch and pray, brothers. Watch and pray!”



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