Bulletin – 30 August 2020

Bulletin – 30 August 2020

To this day Ethiopia remembers the evangelist Philip as
the man of God who preached the gospel to their first
convert. We know him as the Ethiopian eunuch from
Acts 8. This man was the treasurer of Queen Candace
and a proselyte (a non-Jew who had converted to the
Hebrew faith). My guess is that it was a prayer for
insight into the Messianic passage (Isaiah 53) that
brought Philip (sent by God) to his chariot to explain the
passage to him. If you seek you will find! The gospel
was preached and responded to. Both men went down
into the water where Philip baptised this man-without-a-
name into Christ, and he ‘went on his way rejoicing’
(Acts 8:39).



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