As it has been taught #5. “Consider well what you are hearing.”

As it has been taught #5. “Consider well what you are hearing.”

A preacher friend of mine once said concerning a sermon he was preparing, “I’m not sure that I can preach this without it sounding like a conspiracy theory.”

It’s a sad day when Biblical teachings are considered as being the conspiracies of cult leaders. But should we be surprised? After all, Satan has his own preachers!

Jesus places upon you and me the “Responsibility of The Listener.” He commanded:

“Take care what you listen to. By your standard of measure it will be measured to you; and more will be given you besides” (Mark 4:24).

Christians, as much as their unbelieving counterparts, become incredulous when told that most of what is on their news channels is nonsense. The natural response being, “Who are you to judge?”

Admittedly, it is only God’s place to judge anyone’s thoughts and intentions of the heart, but every Christian shares the responsibility of a “Fellow Listener.” It is no mystery what people listen to. It is all out there, and if it is not being directly discussed, then be assured, its affects upon attitudes and actions are speaking over the silence.

If we are not training ourselves to listen with discernment, we are instead surrendering our minds to the dark forces that assault our ears twenty-four hours a day.

The money-changer and the believer have this in common: They both, often through bitter experience, become experts at spotting a counterfeit. The forger and Satan go to great lengths to flood the market with that which looks real but is in fact worthless and destructive.

You alone can set your “standard of measure.” Set it to the world and you will receive the fulness thereof. But set it to the Fulness of Christ “and more will be given you besides.”

Thus, the eternal wisdom of considering well what you are hearing.

John Staiger


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