All the Changes#1. “Never be the same again!”

All the Changes#1. “Never be the same again!”

In 1866, before the age of the automobile, if you asked a New York official, “What do you think would be the biggest challenge New York would face if the population suddenly doubled?” He would probably answer: “That would mean another 130,000 horses. Where will we find room to put them all?” 155 years later things have changed. Today, the New York Police Department has about 50 horses in service, and there is also a number used by tourist carriage companies. That is it! The automobile made sure that New York would never be the same again.

In like manner, baptism into Christ, made sure you would never be the same again. And to this day, you still have no idea what changes God has in store for you.

When you deliberately hand yourself over to God to do as He wishes, you invite change.

This is both exciting and daunting. Exciting because great service in the Kingdom of Christ is before you, but daunting because of the inevitable seismic shift that will occur in your life. Nothing will ever be the same.

Wisdom from above (Jm.3:17) will finally dispel that fear that the world uses to control you. That ever-nagging knot of worry will be replaced with peace and clear vision as you are taught of God. You will never think or feel the same way again.

Your endless list of wants and needs will be replaced with the conviction that ‘All good things come down from above’ (Jm.1:17). You will pity all those miserable in their excess and all those miserable in their want. All the while sharing the path to righteous fulfilment for all. You will never see possessions the same way again.

Too many Christians resist change. They know that life ‘on the road with Christ’ means having to let go—that is not an option. But if you do want to change, here is a simple prayer that, if prayed from a true heart, will mean that your life will ‘NEVER’ be the same again:

“Heavenly Father, I am willing to be where you want me to be and doing what you want me to do. Your will be done. In Christ’s name, amen.”

John Staiger


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