As it has been taught #3. “The choice is yours…”

As it has been taught #3. “The choice is yours…”

On the day I was born, a belief system was chosen for me. The Catholic Church had its good and bad points, and I can say with all honesty that my early-teen departure lacked drama. In fact, some showed tender concern for the abandonment of my childhood faith. However, I knew I was lost, and the kindly concerns of others couldn’t change that; I had to find Jesus by choice!

Along the way, I met members of various denominations who would happily have accepted me as I was. So, when meeting members of “The Church of Christ,” there was no sense of exclusion in my life that sent me running into their arms. My problem was knowing that I was disconnected from God.

As Peter Craig taught me from the Word of God, he brought clarity to the reason for my sense of lostness and showed me the way to God’s saving grace. He was not the first person to instruct me on “How to be saved,” but he was the only person who told me to read the Book of Acts. He said, “As you read, ask the question: “What did people do to become Christians?”

How far I got, I really can’t remember, but it was far enough to know that everyone I came across was baptised into Christ.

Peter Craig’s godly wisdom prevented him from putting ideas into my head; he let the Bible do that. I had already visited “his and my sister’s” church but saw myself merely as a welcomed visitor amongst godly people (I had thought the same when visiting other churches too). This was about my want to be right with God, and I knew that I had to either choose the path of the first Christians or walk in the ranks of the sceptics around me; I chose God’s path—Praise the Lord!

“The choice is yours—No one else’s!”

John Staiger


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