“Bless this House.”

A lady told me that a couple from a local church came to her door and asked if they could say a prayer to ‘Bless her house.’ She consented, bowed her head and, not being a believer, went through the motions. When returning a few days later she invited them in for a religious discussion. She didn’t like their perceived pushiness and told them so. When they left, she went to the window to watch them depart. She witnessed one of the young men ‘wiping his shoes on the ground’ in front of her house. He was taking away any possible vestiges of the previous blessing. Even as an avowed unbeliever she took it personally.Christians want the blessings of the Lord to be upon their homes.We want our loved ones to be safe and well. We want them to be productive in their work and contributors to all that is good.The Christian home is a base for hospitality. We pray that strangers and the needy see that it is the Lord who is blessing them through His servants in that home.The Christian home is a place to grow in Christ. The Bible is its guide-to-life in every aspect that matters. Children are nurtured in an environment of Faith, Hope and Love.In 1 Chronicles 13 we see that the Ark of the Lord was stored at Obed-Edom’s home while en route to Jerusalem. The journey stalled when Uzzah was killed for touching it. It’s storage at his home turned out to be a great blessing for Obed-Edom. Scripture says:“Thus the ark of God remained with the family of Obed-edom in his house three months; and the LORD blessed the family of Obed-edom with all that he had” (1Chronicles 13:14).When the presence of the Lord is in your home (and it is automatically in you if you are baptised—Acts 3:38), then you are already blessed and will be continually blessed with all you need to do God’s will. Praise God!“May your home ever be as that of Obed-Edom. Amen.”John StaigerIf you have been blessed by this message, please feel free to: Like, Comment or Share it with your friends. (313)


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