Bragging Rights#2. “Let not the mighty man boast in his might” (Jer.9:23).

Bragging Rights#2. “Let not the mighty man boast in his might” (Jer.9:23).

I was walking the dog recently, when a car came to a screeching halt in front of a house I was about to walk past. The three occupants were obviously gang members. They were about to get out of the car to approach the house, but stopped when they saw me and the dog…so I thought. In fact, what actually made them think twice about getting out of the car was the homeowner. He suddenly came charging down his drive and was heading towards them with fists clenched, so they dove off. I had missed the incident that had taken place minutes earlier. Suffice it to say that the homeowner was not about to be bullied by thugs in his own street.

You will never meet a bully who believes himself to be one. Some will grow out of it, but others will graduate into more sophisticated methods to impose their will upon others. One is wise to avoid a man who intimidates others to get his own way; physical or otherwise.

A church might survive a lot of things but surviving a power-mad leadership is unlikely. Not only do good people finally have enough, but such leadership is not blessed by God.

Now, this is where some might argue that one man’s “power-mad” leadership is another man’s “stable” leadership. Granted, members who have endured long periods of weak leadership are often glad to finally have leaders who make sure things are done “decently and in order.”

Thus, all things must be tested!

For a man or group, to boast of power or influence in the church is the antithesis of Christlike gentleness and restraint. Anything done, “decently and in order” in such conditions is likely to be done under demonic influence.

God makes the strong and the weak alike; He honours none above the rest. His desire is, however, that the strong uphold the weak. In this, the strong give honour to Him from whom all strength comes.

“We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves” (Rom.15:1).

John Staiger


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