Changing the World#5. “Lost in the Crowd.”

Changing the World#5. “Lost in the Crowd.”

A man came to the church office asking for help. He quickly ran up a list of needs: “I am desperate for food, …I need cash for bills, …I need fuel, …and I need money for a bed for the night. I offered him food from the church pantry, and to call welfare, but he declined. Having reached a dead-end with me, he went to his car and produced what was supposed to be an X-ray. I gazed hard at the dot that he claimed to be the reason that he might be going to an early grave. However, he broke into a smile when he realized that I obviously knew the difference between a plastic photocopy and a real X-ray. He took the pantry food and drove off.

What I had had before me was an intelligent, talented man employing his God-given gifts to exploit the kind-hearted. I never did see him again. Perhaps his time and effort produced better results elsewhere.

If I do see him again, I will ask him why he doesn’t look to a career change. I will suggest that he move up the ranks from Conman to Ambassador—Ambassador for Christ!

Instead of tricking the innocent, he can persuade the unbelieving. Instead of taking food from the mouths of the poor, he can make others rich with the Food of Life.

Remember, every single one of the 7.5 billion souls on earth is uniquely talented to fulfil Christ’s purpose for their life. The call to faith, repentance, confession, and baptism is a call to the “newness of life.” Thus, to “walk in the Spirit” is to live according to His will and ways. This is a complete transformation of thoughts and motives that result in a complete transformation of direction and behaviour.

What begins is a lifelong process of sorting, adding, and improving God-given talents, resources, and opportunities. All to Christ’s glory in His Kingdom—the church.

No one gets lost in that crowd!

John Staiger


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