Changing the World#6. “Robbing you blind.”

Changing the World#6. “Robbing you blind.”

It was a sight that struck terror into the hearts of the people on the island of La Palma. On September 20, 2021, two rivers of molten rock began pouring down the sides of the volcano and obliterating everything in their paths. The people gathered everything they could and then watched on helplessly.

It is natural to think that disasters only happen to other people.

The Book of Job tells us that Job had everything a man could ever want in this life, and then saw it all vanish into thin air. But again, we reason that such things only happen to others.

I am not trying to draw us all into a state of perpetual fear. In fact, quite the opposite. I am concerned that too many of us are affected by those who encourage it.

Many leaders trade in fear. They offer themselves as bastions of hope against those they say will rob the people of what they have worked hard for.

Be careful not to judge your future value by what you are and what you have today. This can be harder than you think.

If you are like most Christians, you are a hard worker and a careful steward of God’s time and things. You will have invested much prayer and goodwill into creating a home and lifestyle that brings glory to God. And it is your prayer that you are a blessing at church and a neighbour worth having at home.

But remember, Job did all that too. However, God made him realise that everything exists within His time and purpose, not ours.

The fears we carry within us often reveal a trust in our own ability to safeguard that which we hold dear. That is a fragile state to try to preserve.

Where fear robs you blind is in its ability to cut off your vision for the future.

John Staiger


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