Day 29 The Lock-Down. Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstance

Day 29 The Lock-Down. Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstance

“A few words, please?”

There is a list of people to whom I am eternally grateful. Their beautiful images are indelibly imprinted on my heart. I have stored none but good memories of them and am always glad to hear that they are doing well. Some I have known most of my days, some come and go from my life, and some I met but once. The thing that they all hold in common is the impact that their encouraging words have made upon me. God sends these messengers of joy, hope and comfort into our lives when needed. They bring ‘Simple sentences spoken sweetly.’

Next time you have a need, watch for these Godsends:*When life jerks you sideways: There will come a kind word to steady you.*When knocked down: That uplifting call will get you back on your feet. *When feeling a sad lose: There will stand that brother that God always sends at times like this. *When you ‘lose it!’: There will inevitably arrive that sister whose very presence speaks rebuke and hope combined. *When you lose your way: There will come that preacher with a welcome message sent from God, Himself.*When loneliness threatens: There will, yet again, appear that friend for all seasons.*When hurt sets in: There is that church to share your pain.*When struggling to finish: Your fellow travellers will help you along.God has put us in this family called, ‘The church.’ Our brother, Jesus, has saved us and the Holy Spirit leads us. Perfectly saved, but still imperfect this side of heaven. We have a lot to offer and we have a lot of needs. The church is the place where we can help and be helped. Where honest, good souls look out for each other. Where needs can be shared and fulfilled. Words are free. Their cost is nothing. But they are powerful beyond our knowing. God uses words to transform lives. You have that power working in you (it only takes a few words)—use it!“To make an apt answer is a joy to a man,and a word in season, how good it is!(Proverbs 15:23)


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