Day 52 The Lock-Down. Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstances:

Day 52 The Lock-Down. Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstances:

“Truth’s destination!”

Contrary to popular opinion, self-belief is built in. The average person believes that they are right on just about everything. Thus, controlling our urges to impose our opinions and beliefs upon others is a skill best learned young. Truth stands eternal. However, some truths do have Use-By dates stamped on them. Defy gravity now, and you will do so at your peril, but come Judgment Day, it will cease to matter (2 Peter 3:10). It is the Pre-Judgement Day truths with Post-Judgement Day consequences that are the domain of the Christian. Like the soldier, whose focus is his commanding officer, the athlete, whose focus is the winning crown, and the farmer, whose focus is the harvest (2 Timothy 2:4-6), the Christian’s focus is meeting his risen Saviour in Heaven (Titus 1:2; 2 Timothy 4:6-8). The unbeliever dismisses this as foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18); fairy tales spread by charlatans, zealots, and well-meaning churchgoers. So, who is right?

Well…, you! If you speak truth. Ultimate truth issues from the place of ultimate authority. Jesus claims that position of authority—all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18). If you and I claim the divine right to define truth, then we must be willing to prove our credentials. Jesus did. He rose from the dead (Matthew 28:6). Christians armed with this message continue to change the world for good. Its when that focus is lost, and we entangle ourselves in the affairs of the world, that we diminish our effectiveness in the Kingdom of God. We can spend our time defending our countries against the lies of politics, false religion and moral degradation, but if it is at the expense of the souls of ourselves and those around us, we have lost focus of the goal—Heaven. If winning ‘truth’ arguments over the latest issue on the news does not get you and the other person any closer to Heaven, then it is NOT a battle worth fighting. Jesus offers help: “Those whom I love I rebuke and disciple” (Revelation 3:19). He’s not talking about the other guy. The church is that city set on a hill (Matthew 5:14), the light of our Saviour shines through our every good deed to the glory of our Father (Matthew 5:16). So, next time you are about to say, “This is True!” make sure its from a heart focused on getting them to heaven. That is truth’s destination!


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