Day 6 The Lock-Down—Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstances

Day 6 The Lock-Down—Bringing Hope to Confined Circumstances

Music is powerful. If your heart is breaking by the end of Tracy Chapman’s song, ‘Fast car,’ and all your emotions driven along by Queens’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ and your spirits lifted by Neil Dimond’s, ‘Sweet Caroline,’ then I am speaking to you. Our worship music is designed to drive these same emotions…and more. In fact, God has designed even greater things – music for the soul that longs to walk with the Lord. Our ‘Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs’ issue forth facts, direction, encouragement, comfort and praise.

In full voice ‘Our God, He is alive’ never fails to inspire unity of heart, voice, purpose and praise in our churches. Who needs to add commentary to global impact of hymns such as ‘How Great Thou Art’ and John Newton’s 1779 most famous work, ‘Amazing Grace?’ I heard the story of an aged brother, who when asked why he always lead his small congregation in ‘Jesus loves me, this I know’, answered, “I want to make sure I pass on the heart of my faith to the children.” I’m sure that Charles Wesley’s 1740 hymn, ‘Jesus, Lover of my Soul,’ has driven more than a few to their knees in penitent praise. And not to forget the new songs. The songs of today. Fresh, bright and uplifting. More power to them. Remove our music, and you will remove our soul! The first century church sang with just their voices. In fact, all churches sang a’capella (Latin for ‘In the manner of the church’) until the eighth century. The worship music of the New Testament church is solely vocal. Think about the wisdom of gathered voices. An act of worship that we all do openly at the same time. In unison we encourage and teach each other in the nicest possible way.

Yes, God has gifted some with the voices of angels, and, yes, some of us with voices of lesser beings… (that was a joke, not theology). But the best news is that, when it come to quality of our voices, God is absolutely tone deaf – He only hears hearts. To God, all Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs – being sung from the heart – are acceptable sacrifices of praise to Him – Glory Hallelujah! As one of our great song leaders often exclaimed, “Sing big!” (


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