Doers of the Word#1 “Faith working through love.”

Doers of the Word#1 “Faith working through love.”

What are your talents?Have you ever been to a class designed to help you discover your ‘Talents?’ Usually sheets containing lists of ‘gifts’ are handed out to the participants to establish one’s spiritual skill set. Though not for everybody, many brethren have been blessed by these. The best outcome being that everyone finds a practical connection between their abilities and how to best use them for Jesus.

Often keen workers find opportunities to serve through existing committees and programmes, and those whose potential reaches into leadership are encouraged to look to greater responsibilities. We need all the encouragement we can get.Armed with faith and ability we encounter a wide range of people with a wide array of needs. None of us possess all the abilities or resources to meet even a fraction of them—assuming we are invited to do so.But growing in Christlike love causes us to reach out to bless others as we have been blessed. We want to invest in the needs of those around us: kind words, food, money, time, and talents (abilities).

However, don’t be surprised if you have found yourself in over your head. Lives lived in the state of worldliness are usually overwhelmed with needs, and struggles. If God has designed it so that a whole congregation is needed to keep a Christian focused, it should not surprise us when people away from God’s community suffer deficits in so many areas of their lives. Not even the super-multitalented and divinely gifted apostle Paul saw himself as a one-man-congregation. He emphasised that we all play a part in building up the church—no one excluded.Whatever your talents, being faced with needs beyond your abilities can shake you confidence and test your faith. Don’t be put off doing the good that is before you. Just remember to have that that which matters most: “Faith working through love” (Gal.5:6). That’s talent that God can use.

John Staiger

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