Eighty-four—Big Brother is Watching You!

Eighty-four—Big Brother is Watching You!

I have asked a lot of people if they have read George Orwell’s famous book, ‘1984.’ Many say that it was a High School requirement, but they really didn’t get into it. Of course, I am never surprised. Who could get into such a bleak story? You are all the while wondering if a happy ending is even possible. I have read it, and I am here to tell you that there was never supposed to be a happy ending. There just couldn’t be. It is a cautionary tale outlining what happens when Hitler-types actually get control of the world. Orwell was such a genius writer that he transported you to the homes, shops and offices where the characters lived and worked. You saw their colourless clothes and rooms, you heard the fearful tones in their voices, and you could smell everything. He left you in no doubt that fascism is misery amidst the stench of boiled cabbage. Jesus called his disciples in a time of religious misery. The Sadducees, thick with Herodians, and with the Pharisees used their traditions and the Law of God to oppress the people. Rome was all powerful and led by Caesars that had god-complexes. Yes, Big Brother was watching them. But remember, it was at the hands of these godless leaders that Jesus was crucified. He merely accepted the circumstances leading up to his death as part of the Father’s plan (Acts 2:23). The inevitable happened: “God raised him up from the dead…” (Acts 2:24), and “exalted to the right hand of God, he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear” (Acts 2:33). What they (those on the Day of Pentecost listening to Peter preach) had seen was the disciples preaching the Gospel to them in their own (foreign to the disciples) languages. The Kingdom of Christ had come with power! So believe me, if the gates of death cannot stand before the church (Mt.16:18), how can the governments of man? The stark difference between Orwell’s masterpiece and God’s Word is that in the end Christians win! And by the way, Big Brother is watching you—his name is Jesus. Praise God!



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