Epaphroditus—More than willing to die!

Epaphroditus—More than willing to die!

Congregations are like people, the moment they forget their roots is the moment that they lose their way. The church at Philippi knew their beginnings and remembered the man that Jesus sent to make it happen (Acts 16). When Paul was imprisoned in Rome the Philippian church dispatched Epaphroditus with a gift to meet Paul’s needs (Phil.4:18). Not only did Epaphroditus bring a gift, he was a gift. Paul understood and appreciated the immense value of this brother. He praised him as “my brother, fellow worker and fellow soldier” (Phil.2:25). What greater honour can you pay a fellow saint than to proudly proclaim: “Same family, same ministry, same fight!”?Paul commends the church for sending Epaphroditus, “who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs” (Phil.2:25).Epaphroditus’ fell ill—nigh unto death (Phil.2:27). Here is a brother who “almost died for the work of Christ” (Phil.2:30a). A man who gave every ounce of his strength to bless the ministry of another man in prison. A ministry he was willing to give his life for because they shared in the same Saviour.Praising God that Epaphroditus lived, Paul is sending him home to a concerned church. The frailty of his body was not to be thought of as a sign of weakness or failure. Instead, “Welcome him in the Lord with great joy, and honour men like him” (Phil.2:29). Restoring our congregations to the New Testament pattern is nowhere near complete unless we are willing to send men like Epaphroditus into the work. When they go, we go!



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