Feast or Famine #4. “Feast for the Soul.”

Feast or Famine #4. “Feast for the Soul.”

On one of my few foreign adventures I was invited a garden party at the country estate. The event was hosted by the lady of the manor. On arrival she encouraged us to partake of the lavish array of foods set out, and to enjoy the equally lavish array of paintings on display. The paintings were available for purchase, but the representative insisted: “First and foremost they are here for your enjoyment.” Now, I was no art expert, but I knew junk when I saw it. But since the Internet hadn’t been invented, I couldn’t take up my cell phone and check the credentials of the ‘art house.’ However, it wasn’t the cheap prints and the mass-produced frames that gave it away. It was the representative himself. I am convinced that he had never met a totally honest, non-drinking, clean living rich lady who wasn’t going to oversell his wears. The prints were just not worthy of being the centre of attention. As the afternoon moved along, the mainly churchgoing guests did what most church groups do, they enjoyed the feast of food and fellowship, then went home. He, realising that his scam was devoid of hype, sat on a deck chair and looked forlorn. To this day I thank him for bringing the good church folk together, I loved it; though I doubt that he shared my sentiments.

One old preacher joked: “The Church of Christ is the meetin’est, eatin’est folks you will ever meet.”

On the first Sunday that I ever visited a church of Christ, the worship service was followed by a Fellowship Lunch. On that day the good brethren of the Otumoetai church of Christ practiced pure and undefiled religion. They visited with a spiritual orphan in his spiritual distress. And using God’s gifts of worship, fellowship, and food they set before me a feast for the soul. I am eternally grateful.

John Staiger


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