Fools rush in #11. “Those who curse.”

Fools rush in #11. “Those who curse.”

I know Christians and non-Christians alike who have called “Holy Men” into their homes to cast out evil spirits. Personally, I do not believe that evil spirits abide in buildings or things, but I assure you, my beliefs are of little consequence to those who believe that they do. You soon learn that to suggest that they are being superstitious is being very insulting to them.

The idea of a people or things being cursed by evil spirits runs through many societies. People have gone to their graves believing that people endowed with demonic powers have put spells on them or their property.

If someone came to me and told me that they had put a spell or curse on me I would tell them that they are only hurting themselves. I do not fear their spells and potions. Though demonically motivated, their words and thoughts have no ability to “enter” me or have power to change my behaviour.

Instead, Christians acknowledge the power of the devil upon the world and actively work to protect themselves against his influence over them through temptation and sin (Ephesians 6). Also, the work of the devil is made harder by the presence of the Holy Spirit in each Christian. Walking in the Spirit is walking in obedience to His Word, and the clearer we see the will of God, the clearer we see the work of the devil and his demonic forces.

Do demons possess people today as they did in New Testament times? The honest answer is, “We don’t know!” However, if you live long enough and will meet people who have given themselves over to evil. Do they have a literal demon living in them? Who knows? But what is obvious is that those people have opened their lives to the devil’s influence and the devil exploits their minds, hearts, and souls for his ends.

Those who curse will curse. But we bless in return!

John Staiger


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