Fools rush in #2. “That is your opinion!”

Fools rush in #2. “That is your opinion!”

It is no fun when someone dismisses your heartfelt beliefs with, “That is your opinion!”

There is no doubt that all our beliefs need to be challenged. Without testing they either sit hidden within us or protected within the confines of a closed group. Many Christians have found themselves disillusioned when unable to cope with the pressure of external scrutiny.

Facts do matter. Especially the facts that underpin faith.

New Christians especially must be prepared for the new demonic attention that will be paid them when ascending from the waters of baptism. Satan does not take kindly to losses from within his ranks. Unless opposed swiftly and vigorously he will mobilise his demonic forces to recapture those souls lost to him.

With much time spent in Bible study, prayer, and the presence of those strong in the Lord, everyone can grow in Christ.

However, Satan works on strong Christians too. Where do you think all those “opinions” come from? The great deceiver is skilled at making the best of Christians confident in their own wisdom. He expertly encourages saints to give advice to one and all “with-the-best-of-intentions.”

We all must check ourselves. We cannot, on one hand, warn new Christians that their newfound beliefs will be dismissed as opinions, while, on the other, be guilty of adding to them. “Rightly dividing the Word of truth” takes diligence (2 Timothy 2:15).

We will best help ourselves and our brethren to stand against sin by letting the Holy Spirit do His work in us. It is His Word, the Good News of Christ, that draws and transforms the heart, soul, and mind of man. It need not be watered down with the opinions of men.

If, when speaking in the name of Christ, someone says of your words, “That is your opinion!” then you need to allow those words to be tested in the fire of debate. Then the truth will set you free from the opinions of all – especially your own!

John Staiger


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