For Goodness Sake#2. “Be careful little Eyes what you see!”

For Goodness Sake#2. “Be careful little Eyes what you see!”

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light” (Mt.6:22).

Who would ever have believed that the “Drugs and Sex and Rock and Roll” of the 1960s would pale into near insignificance compared to its twenty-first-century counterpart? I know that it’s cold comfort to say so, but we can at least say that the 1960s actually had morals for kids to rail against.

It is no secret that the Internet is an open moral sewer. Children are being exposed to images and ideas that most of those from the 1960s have never seen or thought of – to believe otherwise is naïve.

However, we need not despair. Though the eyes of this age are blinded with the filth of depravity, Christ can restore the light. After all, Christ has transformed other societies as depraved as this one and can transform this one too.

There are at least three things that we can personally do to help to shine the light of Christ into this darkness:

Firstly, we must check our own eyes. Others may not know what makes up the content of our vision-quota in a day, but they are either being blessed with its increasing light or cursed with its growing darkness—So, let your light shine.

Secondly, you must never underestimate prayer. It is our direct line to the source of all true Light. The spiritual revival that we long for within ourselves will come with such abundance that it will naturally spill over into the lives of others. Praise the Lord!

And thirdly, you have the cure. The virtual world in which our young people exist is an empty, lonely place. We praise God for the goodness of the Christian online presence and pray that we can do greater things, but the real world still exists outside of electronic devices. Thus, when we have congregations ready to receive the lost, they can find a place where their eyes can have a clear vision of what the soul needs—Christ, the Light of the world.

Yes, for the sake of all that is good: Be careful little eyes what you see!

John Staiger


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