Forty-two…Reasons to Care

Forty-two…Reasons to Care

(1) You are imitating Jesus; (2) You are a champion of good; (3) You attract like-minded carers; (4) Evil is being driven out; (5) Needs are being met. (6) You inspire others to care; (7) Haters will strengthen your resolve; (8) Appreciation will lift your spirits (9) You create Gospel teaching moments; (10) You learn the indispensability for prayer; (11) You witness hard hearts soften; (12) You overcome shyness; (13) You store up treasures in heaven; (14) Failure becomes your best teacher; (15) People see the Light of Christ in you; (16) You bring the best of others to the surface; (17) You become bold; (18) You learn to despise sin’s destructive forces; (19) You and your Bible become inseparable; (20) God supplies all you need to meet the need; (21) You see Satan for who he really is; (22) You will never know another boring day in your life; (23) Prepare for adventure—God will send you to where He wants needs met; (24) You will have stories to tell; (25) You will have confidences to take to your grave; (26) You are literally a God-send; (27) You will know God’s sorrow over ingratitude; (28) Your wits will become razor sharp; (29) Your hide will thicken to criticism; (30) Your heart will soften to love; (31) You will see all as souls loved by Jesus; (32) Your brethren will talk about you at Sunday lunch; (33) Your family will sleep secure under your guardianship; (34) You will be a peacemaker; (35) You will be missed when you are gone; (36) You will win souls without a word; (37) You will de-clutter your mind; (38) You will learn to control your emotions; (39) You will soon be able to spot an abuser from 50 paces; (40) You will protect the innocent; (41) You will know true joy; (42) Because you have chosen to exalt others here on earth, God will exalt you at the proper time.

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