I walk with the King.#4. “Pointing the way.”

I walk with the King.#4. “Pointing the way.”

My first 33 years on earth seemed to move along slowly. It was the arrival of our 3 children that changed everything. Since 1995 every year seems to have only picked up speed. I find myself saying things like, “If I had my time again…” with monotonous frequency.My children have left home and are making lives for themselves. They are no longer those little kids who consumed our every minute.

Concerning their upbringing, I believe we did a lot of things right, but I can’t speak with too much authority on the subject. I didn’t really know what I was doing then, and I’m not sure that anything I have learned since could be taken back and applied with much benefit. It was all done on the move. You do what needs to be done as it needs to be done, and anything left over in the way of time, money or energy is a bonus.

Children do not see the enormity of the contribution made by their parents until later (I didn’t). Of course, we can’t expect them to see it as it is happening, and hopefully they are too busy enjoying their childhoods to be concerned.How your children will turn out spiritually is ultimately up to them. Check your Bibles and you will see that good parents have bad children and bad parents have good children. They will make up their own minds on what is right and wrong.For those starting the journey of raising kids, I can’t recommend more that you:

*Seek God’s wisdom in all things. This you will never regret.

*Read God’s manual—the Bible. He has gifted them into your educational care.

*Pray for them and with them daily. This is how they learn what empowers you.

*Make church their second home. Raise them around good people.

*Instill good habits and personal disciplines. These will take them a long way when interacting beyond the home.

*Enjoy your kids. Make them laugh.*Know where they are, and who they are with, at all times.

*Let them make mistakes. Correct only the important things.You can’t fool your kids. They know how switched on you are spiritually. The most important thing is that they see you walking with the Lord. The rest will be between them and God.Want the best for them—Jesus is the Best!

John Staiger


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