I’ll take my Chances#2. “Playing with Fire.”

I’ll take my Chances#2. “Playing with Fire.”

The biographical sketches of Jesus’ disciples are incredibly brief. Peter does stand out beyond the rest, followed by James and John, but not much is said about the others.

Judas, of course, is in a class of his own.

I’m sure that you too have wondered about Judas’ day-to-day interactions with the other apostles—Why couldn’t they see what Jesus saw?

If ever there was a thief and a traitor hidden in plain sight, it was Judas Iscariot. We know that he was pilfering money as the treasurer and had complained to see expensive perfume being poured on Jesus. He had even calculated the monetary value of the perfume and thought it better in his care.

Trying to line up the sequence of thoughts that Judas would deem logic, remains a mystery to the best of minds. Though, one thing was crystal clear to him: The religious leaders wanted Jesus dead, and they would not turn away his help.

It is hard not to see Judas doing the numbers. Jesus’ betrayal was a sure pay-out, and he was not going to walk away empty-handed.

But Jesus saw Judas for what he was. Like a weed in the Parable of the Tares, Judas had been sown by the devil; he looked the part and was left alone until the end.

Two thousand years later the question remains: “What kind of man spends three and a half years with the Son of God and betrays him for cash?”

It would be interesting to hear the experiences that the average criminal lawyer has had with people like Judas; men willing to sell anything and anyone for money. Would there really be a difference between any of them? I don’t think so.

The kindest defense offered on Judas’ behalf is that he thought Jesus would be arrested, but not killed. Again, I don’t think so.

I have known brethren who have served the Lord for many years and have given Jesus away for a lot less than 30 pieces of silver.

Judas gambled with his soul. He was playing with fire!

John Staiger


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