I’ll take my Chances#4. “But if it ends before I wake…”

I’ll take my Chances#4. “But if it ends before I wake…”

There was a lady taking notes as the preacher was waxing eloquent. But as an overwhelming sense of tiredness came over her, she is said to have written this verse:
As I sit me down to sleep
I know the sermons long and deep
But if it ends before I wake
Somebody give me a little shake.

That story comes from a sermon by James Maxwell. However, judging by the number of “Amens” and other affirmations, I doubt that anyone would have wanted to doze off.

Jesus is not backward in coming forward in his expectation that we are “awake” and “ready” for his return.

Note how he insists that we confirm our worth as stewards: “Who then is the faithful and sensible steward, whom his master will put in charge of his servants, to give them their rations at the proper time? (Lk.12:42).

If Jesus has put the care of church into your hands, it is only right that he calls you to sober reflection. Surely, he expects you to ask: “Just what will become of me when the master returns?”

Only one of two outcomes are possible, of course. Either you have worked as one who expected to give account, or you have acted as though it really didn’t matter.

The worst for Jesus’ unfaithful steward befell him upon his master’s return; eternal punishment awaited.

However, though the drunk and abusive man was caught napping at the critical moment, his real problem had set in much earlier. It was at that point when he said in his heart, “My master will be a long time in coming” (Lk.12:45), that he cast his die—he decided, “I’ll take my chances!”

It ended before he woke.

John Staiger


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