Into all the World#10. “Go tell it on the Mountain.”

Into all the World#10. “Go tell it on the Mountain.”

Those whose hearts long for a way to preach to the masses look with saintly envy on the “Platforms of Influence” on which men like Elvis stood.

Elvis Presley, arguably the most recognisable face and voice of the twentieth century, sang hymns and spiritual songs honouring God. But even he would have said that that was not his primary mission.

By contrast, Bob Dylan, and Cliff Richard, have concentrated their efforts on sharing their beliefs. They have preferred to suffer loss than compromise their convictions (of which I know little).

I cannot speak to the hearts of these men. I praise God for the good that they have done and pray that they come to a knowledge of any truth that they lack.

The Churches of Christ have had their fair share of famous people. Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, Glen Campbell, Amy Grant, Pat Boone, and Meat Loaf—to name but a few.

Of that group, I would say that only Amy Grant and Pat Boone have tried to maintain a reputation of faith. Both have left our fellowship.

Pat Boone’s interview with the Christian Chronicle (Sept. 24, 2017) is a must-read! When Pat Boone left the churches of Christ for a Charismatic church (c1970), it did not go unnoticed. The article is still available on the Christian Chronicle’s Facebook Page, and the Comments Section is a study in and of itself. Many shared Boone’s sentiment that he had never left the churches of Christ (despite his disfellowship), while others, including myself, pointed out the inconsistency in his theology.

None of those “raised” in the churches of Christ that I have named above used their “Platform of Influence” to advance the borders of the Lord’s church to the masses (I am open to correction).

I know that we all have feet of clay and that none of us lives up to our potential.

But if anything can be seen in this, it is that Fame and Fortune really isn’t the powerhouse of evangelism we would wish it could be.

The rest of us are not out of a job yet.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain!”

John Staiger


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