Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. #11. “Prepared for whatever happens.”

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. #11. “Prepared for whatever happens.”

With the deep love and contentment that came with having three children in four years, also came enough change to render us broke and exhausted. And of any luxuries that we were blessed with along the way, boredom was not one of them.

Like parents of small children, the average Christian has so much to do that they can only hope to stand still long enough to claim boredom. “…There is work on every hand.”

Boredom in the Christian walk is a sign that there is something wrong and is evidence that one’s faith needs refocusing. I am not speaking of situational boredom, but extended periods where you find yourself searching for an entertaining distraction instead of seeking the needs of others.

Despite our efforts to preserve the best of the status quo, we must adjust our hearts and minds to the possibilities of change. In fact, the one thing Jesus guarantees is change wrought by sanctification. Without it we will stagnate—unholy and yearning for the pleasures of yesterday. But with the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit comes salvation and Christlike service. We can expect that walking and praying in the Holy Spirit will take us to places and involve us in works of service that we could never otherwise imagine.

However, do not expect the world to celebrate your transformational changes. Some will thank you for the help, but others will see God’s motives behind your work—a call to salvation and Christlike service—and work against it.

This calls for dedication to the assembly of the saints. We must never underestimate the profound impact that the Lord’s Supper, prayer, giving, singing, and preaching has upon our growth and progress in the Lord. Together we share the highs and hurts of our daily walk and leave each other emboldened for the fight ahead.

Prepared for whatever happens…

John Staiger


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