Leadership#3. “Filthy Lucre.”

Leadership#3. “Filthy Lucre.”

My son and I were having one of those conversations about someone who had claimed to have been ‘ripped off’ in a transaction. Young John concluded, “As you have always said, ‘If you want someone to hate you, mess with their money.’” As much as I would have liked to have taken credit for that cautionary wisdom, I had to admit that it came to me from his grandfather, Al Horne.

Money is the great divide. Wars are fought over it, and friendships are abandoned because of it. It ever remains a powerful tool in the hands of the generous, and a powerful weapon in the hands of the greedy; God leaves the choice as ours to make.

I can’t say that I have ever heard anyone say out loud, “The Bible says that a prospective Elder must have proven himself to be “free from the love of money” (1Tim.3:3).

How would you assess such a thing, anyway? Is it an easy thing to make such a judgement? Well, I believe it is probably not as easy as we think.

If anyone ever had issues with money, while being free from suspicion, it was Judas. In fact, he is unique in that he remains: ‘The thief that Jesus never said anything about.’ Instead, Jesus left this fact, ‘that he kept a dishonest treasure in place,’ as something that the church would have to grapple with post-ascension. Obviously, Jesus accepted the corruption in Judas’ heart as evidence of a man who would betray him.

Most of us think our lifestyles are modest compared to the rich. And that is probably a correct assessment when calculated in annual income. But it is not the amount amassed that determines a man’s attitude toward money, that is based on his standing before God. Believe me, it is just as easy for the poor to be greedy as it is for the rich.

Godly leaders are characterized by a good reputation in money matters. Bless them!

John Staiger


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