Learning to Discern#5. “Indifference in my heart.”

Learning to Discern#5. “Indifference in my heart.”

Before Jimmy went off to university, his parents sat him down for a chat. “Son,” they said, “things are going to be financially tight around here, but we are happy to make this sacrifice for you. Make us proud, James.” Well, at the end of the first semester Jimmy’s grades arrived reflecting his indifference towards his studies. Fearing the worst, he sent an Email to his mother saying: “Failed everything—prepare dad!” His mother wrote back and said, “Dad prepared—prepare yourself!”

Churches are always going to have those who work and those who play. That is not to say that our churches must avoid fun; it is vital to keeping us together in a spirit of unity.

But, and not meaning to rain on anyone’s church picnic, care must be taken lest entertainment events mask indifference to important issues.

Admittedly, the all-fun philosophy is an attractive proposition, …until it isn’t!

As much as we may want to think otherwise, we are all sinful and broken creatures in need of correction. When the consequences of unrestrained sin pervade our church space, somebody must care enough to correct. And, of course, when repentance and restoration follow, we all rejoice. However, if nothing is done, we must seriously question our motives.

Jesus instantly sanctified our souls, but our wills, they take time to purify. Fortunately, God has graciously installed a team of helpers to aid in that purification—our brethren.

Some brethren are excellent at offering “a word to the wise” to the erring. Others, not so subtle, but equally as gentle, warn of troubles ahead if a new course is not charted. But some, though aware, remain unconcerned and indifferent to sin in the camp. This must never be!

Everybody cares deeply about something. So, if I am indifferent to the spiritual welfare of my brother caught in sin, it says that I have reserved my care for something other than his soul. It also says everything about my spiritual state.

“Lord, help me to discern if there be any indifference in my heart.”

John Staiger


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