Lost and Found#2 “Finding Meaning.”

Lost and Found#2 “Finding Meaning.”

I was lost and away from God, and I knew it.

My problem was in the finding.

Soul-dead religion wasn’t hard to see. But neither were genuinely sincere people keen to share their testimonies with me. I took in every sight and sound and have believed to this day that God’s hand of providence was in it all. Being spiritually lost is not to be wished upon anyone. It is indeed a land of darkness and doubt. When searching for peace and meaning, the best of what this world has to offer has ‘transitory’ written all over it. Some atheists choose nihilism. But for all their talk of meaninglessness, I am yet to meet one who doesn’t believe that his life is meant for something. The desire for eternal significance is built in. God has made us this way. Jesus dying on a cross to forgive everyone for their sins is craziness to the unbeliever. But crazier still is the thought of throwing in their lot with a group of people who no longer see the things in this world as their reason for living.

Finding meaning in Jesus is to have lost faith in this world.

The world walks mindlessly along the Broad Road that leads to hell. And though there are few who find it, Jesus is always calling sinners to the Narrow Road that leads to life (Mt.7:13-14).

You would think that finding yourself lost in the evils of this world would be enough to cause a person to seek the righteousness of God. Why follow leaders devoid of wisdom and compassion? Why wait to be completely disillusioned, and often destitute, before seeking better things? Finding Jesus is finding the best thing – Finding Jesus is finding meaning!

John Staiger

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