Name above all names #7. “Because we trust in His holy name.”

Name above all names #7. “Because we trust in His holy name.”

Effective marketers draw the public into a trusting relationship with their brand. Be it Coca-Cola, iPhone, or Tesla, there are armies of people working to programme your emotions to react positively to their products. Does it work? It most certainly does…until. Until trust is broken! Though many parents have had trust issues with Disney for many years, Disney has recently exacerbated the problem by creating outrage over actions that exposed their lack of morals.

The question of who to trust is one common to all. Marriage, children, education, friendships, and business run on the twin tracks of respect and trust. Thus, the persons we choose to trust in all these endeavours will either help us to get to where we want to go or will cause a trainwreck.

The believer treats every relationship as a potential trust contract, and the impact of placing trust in another is weighed spiritually. For it is in these meetings that the Christian makes a deal with that which is of God, or that which is of the devil—we are either equally yoked with the godly, or unequally yoked with the ungodly. The difference is seen in the signature because the Christian always signs off in the name of Christ—it is in our name.

Christians must be ever vigilant to avoid the trap of the “secular saviour.” These are the “Christianized-institutions” that pass themselves off as “believer friendly” but at their core are as worldly as all the others. The Christian, by hours spent with Jesus, knows who can be trusted as one who is truly carrying God’s name.

We will make mistakes along the way, and some of them we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. But today is a new day and one dedicated to trusting in the name of the Lord.

“For our heart rejoices in Him,

Because we trust in His holy name”

(Psalm 33:21).

John Staiger


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