Nicodemus—Unmoved by the crowd!

Nicodemus—Unmoved by the crowd!

(John 3; 7:45-52; 19:38-42)

Justin Bieber came to Auckland years ago. There I stood amidst a crowd of teenage girls ‘just dying to catch a glimpse of him—them, not me. As if one, with each slight movement at the arrival Gate, the crowd surged forward and screamed at fever pitch. That was the night I understood the power of a crowd. Nicodemus was faced with an emotionally charged crowd of Pharisees and Chief Priests. When spewing hate for Jesus he calmly reminded them that the Law first hears a man before condemning him. They ridiculed him for his trouble (Jn.7:45-52).Nicodemus was not alone in the Sanhedrin as a believer in Jesus. It was he and Joseph of Arimathea who tended to Jesus’ body after his death on the cross (Jn.19:38-42).Nicodemus is known most of all for his post-dusk meeting with Jesus. He knew the consequences of a ruler of Israel being seen with a man like Jesus.It was not ‘manly’ qualities that drew him to Jesus. He said, “For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him” (Jn.3:2b).My best guess is that when a man sees an undeniable miracle happen before his eyes, he walks around in a mixed state of conviction and confusion. Thus, it is not surprising that Nicodemus said, in answer to Jesus saying ‘You must be born again,’ “Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb to be born” (Jn.3:4).The new birth that Jesus was talking about was being made alive again by the Holy Spirit through the waters of baptism. Entry into the Kingdom is something achieved only through the Holy Spirit.“How can this be?” Nicodemus asked (Jn.3:9). Jesus quickly pointed out that a man who was ‘Israel’s teacher’ should know such things. That a divine drama was unfolding before Israel’s eyes. Father, Son and Holy Spirit working in concert to redeem the otherwise unredeemable. No wonder Nicodemus believed!(John Staiger)


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