Nothing New under the Sun #8. “Passion.”

Nothing New under the Sun #8. “Passion.”

A life devoid of passion is misery!

Praise God that life usually starts with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Churches filled with the sounds of children must rejoice in their blessed state. For it is in children that we see the spirit that must characterise the citizens of the Kingdom. Thus, we are never to lose that delight of being around each other; enjoying the gift of God’s presence in His people.

The Holy Spirit set the world alight on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). It was on that day the church of Christ was born, and the apostles went forth to change the world. Of course, it was the work of the Holy Spirit that filled their hearts with passion. The Gospel of saving grace drove them to give their lives completely to the cause of the church.

That which excites you to pursue the deeds of the Spirit is of God. Conversely, that which excites you to pursue the deeds of the flesh is of the devil—choose your passions wisely.

King Solomon’s position and wealth allowed him to indulge his passions. Wanting to see the outcome in real time, he said to himself, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure. So enjoy yourself.” We know that he went far beyond righteous limits and finally concluded that “it too was futility.” (Ecclesiastes 2:1).

It is in those who are passionate about our congregations that we see the Holy Spirit working; His fruit is evident! These are those who never tire. Their hearts are fixed on the belief that creating a healthy church is the only thing on earth worth being passionate about.

Though it is a trap easily fallen into, complaining about those whose passion for serving the church is short lived, is a waste of time.

Instead, let your passion be in the telling of “Christ and Him crucified!” There is no greater work than building the church of Christ.

John Staiger


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