Onesiphorus—You didn’t have to ask him once!

Onesiphorus—You didn’t have to ask him once!

(2 Timothy 1:16-18)

Put a preacher in jail and you will find out who his true friends are in a hurry. The crowd will divide into two camps faster than the parting of the Red Sea. The apostle Paul knew what it was like to feel abandoned behind bars. Of those who have stood by him, and or who deserted him, he thought nothing of naming names.The man we are interested in discussing is no ordinary brother. Onesiphorus was no casual well-wisher passing through Rome just to say he’d been within 50 metres of the great martyr-to-be. He was not your Christian missionary-tourist hoping to drop by to meet the most famous missionary pioneer himself.Onesiphorus was a constant source of refreshment for the aging apostle in chains. Whether under house arrest or moved from one cell to another, Onesiphorus did not cease searching for Paul until he found him. He flinched not at Paul’s shackles. They were badges of honour; proofs of his conviction!Paul prays a blessing of mercy upon his household, and also upon his soul for the Last Day. Paul had seen men come and go in the work. He wanted nothing but the best for Onesiphorus and held him up as a man of faith in action. But he knew that only God knows who His are, and who will be ultimately saved.Onesiphorus began his support of Paul’s ministry before this imprisonment. Timothy was preaching in the church in Ephesus, so he knew first-hand Onesiphorus’ help in all the struggles of the work. He reminds Timothy, “You know very well in how many ways he helped me in Ephesus.”We need to pray that we will humble ourselves to be vigilant servants of the work of the Kingdom of Christ as was Onesiphorus.Onesiphorus—You didn’t have to ask him once. He had already done it! (John Staiger)If you have been blessed by this post, please feel free to ‘Share,’ ‘Like,’ or comment.


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