Preach the Word#4. “Be ready…” (2Tim.4:2).

Preach the Word#4. “Be ready…” (2Tim.4:2).

Back in the days before online books, a professor in a Christian university asked that a book on witchcraft be removed from the library. The subsequent response defended academic freedom, and nothing was done. In a strange turn of events, the professor was met in the hall by one of the students who had been promoting the book to her friends. The look on her face expressed glee that his cause to have the book removed had been thwarted. He stared at the student and in the spirit of Elisha’s words in 2 Kings 6:16, he said, “Greater is the power within us than within you!”

If we are not ready to defend the truth, I assure you that Satan is ready to distort it!

Humans are spiritual to the core. God made us that way. But our choice to do otherwise, from Eden until today, has allowed the devil to inject his own form of spirituality; one that rejects Jesus Christ.

Our generation has naively placed the academic and moral education of our children into the hands of people who, for the most part, reject the existence of God. The unavoidable outcome of this is a refusal to believe in moral absolutes.

The Christian who believes that this is not happening needs to look harder. The decline in morals, and the wholesale rejection of the sanctity of life, has directly coincided with the decline in church attendance in the last 50 years—this is no coincidence.

The only true defence the Christian has is the Light within. Our transformation into the image of Christ by surrendering to the word of God makes us battle-ready. It is when we see the spiritual world through God’s eyes that we know how to do an effective battle within it.

Being ready to face the forces of evil is to know the One who is Good.

John Staiger


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