Stepping up#1. “Not my talent!”

Stepping up#1. “Not my talent!”

More than a few years ago, I found myself sitting before a man who presented one of the most impressive sermons I have ever heard. I sat there wondering why everyone had not heard of him. The audience was gripped by his wit and wisdom, and it was plain to see that standing in front of an audience was his talent. But sadly, I have not heard him preach since, and probably never will. For although preaching was his specialized talent, his lifestyle didn’t reflect the virtues that he was publicly promoting.

When talking to many Christians you might be surprised to hear that they actually claim the opposite problem—that is, a virtuous life, but no talent!

How did we ever get to the point where a Christian can wake up believing that they lack the necessary talents to do the good that God has put in front of them?

Have we really reduced our concept of discipleship to Sunday morning church? Woe is us!

I have heard Christians stand off to the side and lament the church’s lack of progress. They speak in terms of unmet ideals about Bible classes, sermons, and programmes. I share their frustrations when obvious improvements can be made, but that’s as far as it goes. It is the ‘standing off’ part that concerns me.

All would agree that it is appropriate that Christians ‘ step aside’ for a season when overwhelmed by circumstances. However, it is never appropriate that Christians ‘ stand aside’ and complain. They are called to ‘step up’ and work. Those who have already ‘Stepped-up’ are the “doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves” (Jm.1:22). They have discovered from experience that to achieve what needs to be done they have to work outside their ‘specialized talent pool’ most of the time.

They understand talents are tools, not the job that Jesus has called us to!

John Staiger


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