Strong and Courageous #12. “Just being there for each other…”

Strong and Courageous #12. “Just being there for each other…”

Life can get very tough. Family, work or health problems can descend upon any of us at any time; sometimes all at once. Often the struggles pass, and we resume our lives on a somewhat predictable trajectory. But sometimes they don’t pass, and it is at these times that our faith is tested beyond usual limits.

We do best at these times to reach out to those who trust God. Those we can trust draw us closer to God despite the intensity of the pain. The last thing a hurting Christian needs is someone speaking into their life from a worldly perspective. Such problem solving tends to look to human solutions instead of that which is from God.

The godly will pray the effective prayers of the righteous; these are powerful friends in times of need. These will also share your burdens. We forget that many of our struggles and temptations are common to others. Thus, we draw strength and courage from those who have endured and overcome in Christ.

My heart has broken as I have watched those who have suffered great loss and disappointment. Grief cuts deep, and family breakups leave scars on all. And we must never underestimate the feelings of hopelessness when a treasured job is lost, or trust is betrayed.

Telling each other to “toughen up” is nothing more than a sad commentary on our low levels of empathy. Where would we be if God treated us like that?

God has put us in this family called, “The Church,” for good reasons; we need each other!

Some problems won’t be fixed in a day, a year, or maybe even a lifetime. But we must never be guilty of adding the extra burdens of friendlessness, gossip, or guilt.

Just being there for each other will bring more Strength and Courage to the troubled soul than we can ever know.

“…encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone” (1 Thessalonians 5:14).

John Staiger


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