Strong and Courageous #7. “The Battle is not yours but God’s.”

Strong and Courageous #7. “The Battle is not yours but God’s.”

I wonder if the Holy Spirit had spoken through the prophet Jahaziel before the day he delivered his message to King Jehoshaphat.

Though he is not listed among anyone’s Top-100 Bible Quiz names, Jahaziel’s lineage was surprisingly detailed for someone so obscure (2 Chronicles 20:14).

We can only guess that a Chronicler who lists a prophet’s father, grandfather, great grandfather, his specific tribe (Levi), and their famous Singer/Psalm writer forbearer, Asaph, wanted to emphasize the godly background of Jahaziel.

Jahaziel told King Jehoshaphat:

“Thus says the Lord to you, ‘Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s’” (2 Chronicles 20:15).

The great multitude that was coming to fight against Judah was made up of armies from Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir. But whatever this formidable triad was bringing to the battlefield, it was not to be worried about. All that Judah was to do was turn up and watch God fight for them.

If there was fear and scepticism throughout the ranks, there was none in King Jehoshaphat. He told the people to “have faith in God and…in His prophets and you will be successful” (2 Chronicles 20:20).

When fear besets the hearts of believers, they stop listening to the men of God who speak the Word of God. However, Jehoshaphat not only showed respect for this prophet, he also called upon singers (probably the relatives of this particular prophet), to lead the battle – not with swords – but with song.

As Judah sang, “Give thanks to the LORD, for His loving kindness is everlasting,” God set ambushes against their enemies. Such was the confusion that their enemies slaughtered each other to the last man.

Believe it or not, the strength and courage of Jehoshaphat can be ours too. All it took to face the enemy was obedience to the words of God’s prophets and a song of praise from the heart.

“The Battle is not yours but God’s.”

John Staiger


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