Talking to God#1. “Victory there—is victory everywhere!”

Talking to God#1. “Victory there—is victory everywhere!”

Those scenes in those old movies where ‘bugs’ were manually put into telephone handpieces by spies seem quite quaint today. Especially since we live in a time where our private electronic conversations are so easily monitored by those motivated to do so. The Christian, of course, negates a lot of those potential problems by always speaking in a Christlike spirit—to bless all who might be listening.

If you want to know how you are doing spiritually, listen in on your conversations with God.

Christians learn by bitter experience that it is on their knees that the battles against Satan are hardest fought. Victory there—is victory everywhere!

Satan has spent centuries observing us in prayer. He has learned to keep our minds solely on the mundane. For if your mind is kept on the mundane, your heart is kept from the mission. The devil cares little about how much you ask for – as long as you keep to your wants, and away from your needs.

But it is to the needs of the Kingdom of Christ that we look in our prayers. There is where the Holy Spirit is at work. And there is where we walk, talk, and pray in the Spirit. However, there also is where the battle rages.

This unceasing war for the souls of men calls for an unceasing cry for wisdom and insight. We want to know and do that which is most important in God’s mind. Then, being prepared to do that most vital work of the day, we are open to God to use us accordingly.

If this is your prayer, then victory there is victory everywhere!

John Staiger


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