Talking to God#4. “Blessings guaranteed.”

Talking to God#4. “Blessings guaranteed.”

I will not lie to you, the more you go to prayer, the more you will come under Satanic attack. The devil is not about to leave you alone as you plot to destroy his kingdom.

In fact, he will use your nearest and dearest to distract you from spending quality time with the Lord. If Jesus’ family came to collect him because they thought he had gone mad over his religion, should we be surprised if our loved ones think the same thing of us? This is, therefore, one of the reasons why your prayers are done in secret.

Great men and women of faith never neglect their time with God. Experience has proven that all their ministry blessings originated in, and flowed forth from, the inner room. They have seen countless examples where Jesus has been true to his promise that: “Your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (Mt.6:6).

The greatest blessing of prayer is this: The more you pray, the more you see the work of the Holy Spirit unfolding before your eyes. Consequently, there is no greater place of spiritual blessings than in the workplace of the Holy Spirit—the church. There you are a fellow-labourer with God.

Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1:9-12 clearly indicates what he considered to be the true blessings of Christ. These he wanted the Lord to share. And these he believed every Christian could enjoy: “We have not ceased to pray for you…
*That you may be filled with the knowledge of His will
*In all spiritual wisdom and understanding
*So that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord
*To please Him in all respects*Bearing fruit in every good work
*Increasing in the knowledge of God
*Strengthened with all power, according to is glorious might
*For the attaining of all steadfastness
*Joyously giving thanks to the Father
*Who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.”

The Throne of Grace is a place of blessings—pray often and glory in them!

John Staiger


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