Teachers#2. “The Worst of Teachers.”

Teachers#2. “The Worst of Teachers.”

False teachers ride up in bright flowing robes on beautiful black stallions. With a slash of their sword, they clean away all things old, and with a wave of their hand, they usher in all things new. Well, that’s the way they come across to those who hang off their every word, anyway.

False teachers are, and always will be, the scourge of the church. Sadly, they do not come with a “Beware, I’m a false teacher” sign hanging around their necks. False teachers are the ultimate of narcissists. Their false teachings come wrapped in false humility, while their false motives come hidden in their false concerns.

The best way to expose a false teacher is by continually teaching the truth in love. When suspected or exposed, a false teacher will consider the same triad of options everyone does when cornered:
They will either flee, freeze or fight. The problem with those who flee, as much as it seems to be a blessing that they are gone, is that they are likely to reappear in another congregation. Freezing at least brings the hope of repentance, but if that is not forthcoming in a hurry, then you can expect a reboot sooner or later. Fighting is the usual option.

False teachers, having taken time to accumulate supporters by sowing doubts upon the ‘old doctrines,’ are ready to mobilize those supporters to champion their ‘new doctrines.’

Fighting with a false teacher is messy. The average congregation is made up of peace-loving souls who would rather to be wronged than hurt anyone—even someone who is unpicking the very fabric of the church – one stitch at a time.

But fight we must. We must fight for pure truth of God’s Word to be taught and upheld. For it is this truth – The Good News – that brings the love of God into our lives. You will meet these ‘Worst of teachers’ along the way. So, “be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth” (2Tim.2:15).

John Staiger


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