The Centurion’s Servant—Off our grid!

The Centurion’s Servant—Off our grid!

(Mt.8:5-13; Lk.7:1-10)

Yes, you are going to meet exceptional people who do not fit your faith profile. Souls who have qualities of faith that make you wonder how so much graciousness, kindness and generosity can be incapsulated in one human being at one time. They expend so much energy doing good that there is no time left to dwell on disagreement. I know people like this. And the Elders of the synagogue in Capernaum did, too. One in particular was a Roman Centurion. A believer in the One true God who built their synagogue and obviously knew more about Jesus than they did.This commander of men had a sick servant who was nigh unto death. He sent the Elders to ask Jesus to heal him.Luke tells us of his reluctance to go himself because he felt unworthy of Jesus’ presence in his home. So convicted that Jesus should not be seen wasting his time by coming out of his way for him, he requested that Jesus not come to his house at all.Then he demonstrated why Jesus would soon honour him, a gentile, above most of the children of Israel. In simple terms the centurion told Jesus: ‘If I, under the authority of Rome, have power to control certain human events remotely, then you, having divine authority, have the power and control over all events remotely—even the life of my servant.This gentile leader, brought up amidst the pagan idolatry of Rome, understood, believed and acted upon the divine authority and power of the Christ. That is faith that saves.By their deeds you shall know them.


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