The Future#8. “Just a passing through.”

The Future#8. “Just a passing through.”

Lot lost the lot.

Sodom was sin city. And where sin is bought and sold, money abounds.

When Lot, the nephew of Abraham, “pitched his tent towards Sodom (Gen.13:12), he thought himself set for life. In his mind, Uncle Abraham had given him the Market Edge by letting him choose his place of business. The future was never brighter.

Abraham’s three visitors told him that God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen.18:20-21). It is likely that Lot never knew that his godly uncle ‘who missed out on the deal of a lifetime was the one who interceded for his and every other life in the twin cities.

Why didn’t Lot flee the city after having to be miraculously saved from the immoral and wicked men of Sodom and Gomorrah? The simple answer is that, despite Lot being “tormented in his righteous soul” (2Pet.2:8), he had invested everything he had and was not willing to leave it behind for anything.

Tragically, he ended up losing all his worldly possessions, his wife, and his family dignity (Genesis 19).

Today, the average man would not see himself as having “pitched his tent towards Sodom.” Like Lot, he may not appreciate the excesses of the wantonness that surrounds him, but he is not about to abandon it either.

Lot’s “sons-in-law thought he was joking” when he warned them to flee the coming destruction (Gen.19:14). Should we then be surprised when our neighbours “think we are joking” when we warn them of the coming destruction for those outside of Christ?

They may have taken him more seriously if he had abandoned his ‘S&G Holdings’ after Uncle Abraham had rescued him back in chapter fourteen.

If we expect those to whom we speak to take our invitation to Glory seriously, they may first have to be convinced that we are “just a passing through.”

John Staiger


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