The Queen of Sheba

(1Kgs.10:1-10; Mt.12:42; Lk.11:31)

No idle chitchat took her to Jerusalem. She was an intelligent woman seeking answers from a famed source of advanced knowledge. This dignitary of the highest stature was willing to go the distance and pay the price for what she wanted. She had hard, unanswered questions.She was not disappointed. In fact, she became overwhelmed. Beyond the question and answer sessions she observed Solomon’s superior architecture, his streamlined administration, and his generous temple offerings.She praised his loving God for putting him on the throne of Israel. She showered him with expensive gifts, including a staggering 4 tons of gold. Jesus called her, The Queen of the South. He used her to illustrate the spiritual state of the people standing before him (Mt.12:42; Lk.11:31). She had travelled a long distance to seek the wisdom of God’s king, and gave praise to God having found it. By contrast: God’s King came directly to Israel bringing God’s wisdom. But they gave him no praise. Instead, they dishonoured Him. Thus, she will stand in judgement as an accusing witness. She believed what she saw, Israel rejected He who stood before them.


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