This Calls for Wisdom #12. “Strange Voices.”

This Calls for Wisdom #12. “Strange Voices.”

There are Radio Stations and Online Sites that are exclusively dedicated to conspiracy theories about government involvement in alien activity on earth. Now, while you and I are busy recoiling at the first mention of this nonsense, there are talkback radio hosts literally leaning into their microphones imploring their callers to tell their story. Obviously, these people do not get out much!

Believers and unbelievers have this in common: They both accuse each other of listening to no one but themselves.

It’s hard to disagree when a cynic says that the world seems to be full of “experts” trying to draw unto themselves disciples to propagate their brands of utopia.

But “experts,” or not, these people who speak their ideas into the marketplace of life have an impact upon all of us to one degree or another. It is a big mistake to accept or reject an idea solely based on its perceived origin. The wise Christian can only stay wise by personally getting up and going out to find out whether what they are hearing is good or evil. This means talking to people.

Christians must welcome debate. We allow sceptics to question our beliefs in Christ, his teachings (the Bible), and his church—all the while remembering that all three were there before they were born, and will be here after they die. Answering those who rail against the cross is to be done in all humility. Thus, the disciple of Christ seeks to understand how a person can be so blind to the God who is so obvious to the saved. Again, this means talking to people.

No matter how smart any of us may be, we all need help in our efforts to reason with unbelievers. We first need help to understand clearly the power of God working through His scriptures, and we need help to understand clearly the power of the devil working against those scriptures.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm” (Proverbs 13:20).

John Staiger


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