This Calls for Wisdom #8. “Wisdom’s Hope.”

This Calls for Wisdom #8. “Wisdom’s Hope.”

The beauty of heaven makes no sense as long as we see it through the lens of the physical world.

Obviously, adjusting our focus is easier said than done. For much of what we hope for is centred around the security and comfort of our physical body. We spend much time planning for the day that we will have enough money to be free from the restraints of hard work. Also, we would like to think that our home, transport, and entertainment needs will all be taken care of in our later years.

As much as we may wish the goodness of these “dreams” upon all, we must think twice before accepting them as our best launching pad into heaven. I concede that it sounds better to be comfortable and productive, than struggling and distracted. However, we are just as easily distracted in our comfort as we are in our struggles. The flesh is a demanding master; the more you give it, the greater the toll it exacts.

In all our circumstances we are to enjoy those physical blessings that advance our work in the church. All of these: home, transportation, food, clothing, church buildings and supplies, and anything else that brings souls closer to Jesus, are physical tools for a spiritual mission.

Ever before us is the reality that all that will matter when Jesus returns is whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.” Everything else will see fire! Thus, may it never be said that I counted a physical object as more important than a soul. This calls for wisdom.

“In the same way, know that wisdom is good for you. Wisdom will give you something to hope for that will not disappoint you (Proverbs 24:14).

John Staiger


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