Thy will be done#5. “Before I die.”

Thy will be done#5. “Before I die.”

What do you think is the most asked question concerning one’s legacy?

I would say: “What will I be remembered for?”

But I pose that the amount of time given to this question is probably a lot less than imagined. It just doesn’t really strike me that many people think that hard about their post-life reputations.

The way a man sees his life in light of its impact after his death says a lot about him. A quick survey will reveal that most people believe that they have done little harm and that they will be remembered fondly. If you asked about their stupid mistakes of the past, they would view them as having little consequence, especially on life beyond the grave.

Much harder to gauge would be their thoughts on those wilful actions. The ones that really did do others harm. It is one thing to say and do things that ultimately cause only personal damage, but quite another to know that others have suffered at your hand.

Praise God that Christ offers redemption and peace to the conscience struck by the destructiveness of sin. In the waters of baptism Jesus washes away the guilt of a sin destroyed life. And with sanctification comes restoration.

The saint works to mend the past as much as he is able. His new Spirit-filled life becomes a powerful witness of the inner love of Christ abiding within. By his new nature he is sacrificial where he was once selfish.

Does he care greatly for his legacy? Yes! He dreams that it long has an impact upon the salvation of others. Though his eyes are fully on the prize beyond the grave, his hands are about the work of the church today.

Paul says it best:
“And I suffer now because of that work. But I am not ashamed, because I know the one I have put my trust in. And I am sure that he is able to protect what I have put into his care until that Day” (2Tim.1:12).

John Staiger


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