To the Work #6. “Clutter.”

To the Work #6. “Clutter.”

Despite what the experts say, there is no set formula for the state of “Happy.”

Admittedly, the state of “Unhappy” that those same experts claim to be able to lift you out of does seem to fit a set formula. It is true that lives cluttered with debt, anger, and restlessness, do appear to have jagged edges—as if stamped out by the same damaged cookie-cutter.

However, all things being equal, the same things that one person dreams will remove them from the grind of life are the very things being blamed by others for bringing them misery.

Given that many Christians struggle to come to grips with how material possessions should affect their peace of mind, we serve each other’s best spiritual interests by encouraging the holy over the material. All Christians, according to their faith, should seek the simplest lifestyle possible.

Now, I am not suggesting that you retreat to a monastery or that you pour your resources into one of those strange religious communes. Rather, you must see your work for Jesus as happening right now, and right where you are. So, whatever changes—things added, or things removed—are not dependent upon your happiness, but upon your work to bring glory to God.

In the course of any given day your best work will probably have little to do with what you own. It is what comes forth from your heart in the form of words and deeds that will have the impact that God desires.

So, what of clutter?

Well, God knows who needs salvation, encouragement, and benevolence, and he will use you to deliver those blessings. Make sure that clutter, in all its forms, does not distract you from that work.

John Staiger


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