Travelling Lite#12. “A journey into the abyss.”

Travelling Lite#12. “A journey into the abyss.”

Many years ago, I knew a man who was a skilled workman and an equally skilled storyteller. He framed and finished his stories with the same precision and beauty that he framed and finished his building projects. When he died, a friend of mine insisted that we travel to his funeral. It was a long way and since neither of us had reliable cars, he hired one at great personal expense. The funeral was sad, but our spirits were lifted by the memories of his Christian example, his helpful skills, and his practical wit and wisdom.

A few years later hidden truths about him began to be whispered in hushed tones. Tragically, his extended family had lived a nightmare existence of abuse. And worse, it was a nightmare that was never faced nor checked from within. The victims, to this day, have been left scarred—my heart breaks for them.

Were there signs? None that we saw before his death. Did we have any reason to doubt that he was anything other than a spiritual man? Not at all. All seemed well.

Characteristically, churches are full of good and decent souls who try to see the best in others. Such men can find it easy to hide among unsuspecting Christians.

Churches that have experienced the aftermath of predatory behaviour know the horrors for its victims. Much soul searching goes into wondering how “the signs were missed.”

These men are like their father the devil; they too masquerade as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

We are now living in a time where perversion is openly touted as normal. This calls for much prayer and wisdom. Christians must learn to identify the signs of abuse and know the right things to do. Churches must be vigilant to ensure the safety of all.

Do not be naïve; Satan knows his craft. He is leading as many as he possibly can on the journey into the abyss.

John Staiger


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