Twenty-Four—Breaking Down the Day

Twenty-Four—Breaking Down the Day

Larger than life writer, Harold Hill, in his autobiographical book, ‘How to live like a King’s Kid,’ tells the story about taking a carload of friends for a ride. He had recently become a Christian and he and his new-found Christian friends were traveling through town, when he heard a terrible noise coming from under his car. The only thing he thought appropriate to do was to praise the Lord as the car rolled noisily on. Wanting to make sure that God would be praised properly he told the other men that they must praise the Lord, too. As they began to wane in their efforts he told them that they must praise the Lord from their hearts, that all would be well. He goes on to stress that they must have made an awesome sight as they rolled to a stop in front of, you guessed it, a car dealership. Out came the manager, who assured them that he is never there at that time of the day, who knew exactly what was wrong, and fixing the car, sent them all on their way rejoicing.

After having met a couple of guys like Harold in my life, though I may have wondered about some of the finer details of their stories, I have never doubted their desire to get the best out of their days. The people around them are treated to a smorgasbord of experiences, delivered one after another, proving that life in the Lord is designed to be lived out, not stored up. His 24 hours were 86,400 seconds that he was going to claim as faith to be lived to the full. Admittedly, looking at it that way might make your head hurt. But remember, you too want to wake to a day of happiness and meaning—not to a wall mounted robot striking every moment dead with each tick. We too want to go to sleep at the end of a day with a sense of achievement in our hearts—that makes a good day. The number of days available to us (all things being equal) is an unknown. We want them all to count for something. So, as the apostle Paul says: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice” (Phil.4:4).


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